Margell Abel considers Wound Care serious business. Having treated many wounds during her years as a Physical Therapist, Margell has seen the pain and frustration that wounds cause patients and their families. She is committed to helping her patients recover with the best possible outcome.

There is more to treating wounds than dressing and bandaging. Using a holistic approach to healing requires assessment and treatment on multiple levels. Nutrition, range of motion, general mobility, and exercise all play vital roles in helping patients recover as quickly and completely as possible.margellAbelTwo

MPT: St. Mary’s College, 1999

WCC:: Wound Care Certified

B.S.: Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1991

B.S.: Kinesiology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1997

Competitive Athlete: Cat 1 Road, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike

Coach: CU Women’s Cycling Team since 2003

Member: Tough Girl Cycling Team, Natural Grocers Cycling Team

As a CU cycling coach, I’ve taught and motivated dozens of college athletes. I bring the same enthusiasm to all my patients as I educate and encourage them through the healing process. Mobility is critical for increasing circulation and promoting wound healing. As a physical therapist and an athlete, I am perfectly suited to help all my patients recover and move beyond their injuries.